In This Package You Get

With over 15,000 Minutes of educational content available online for students to access anytime, students can watch the videos multiple times to make sure the concept is clear.

With every concept, multiple assignments are attached for students to retain the most amount of information.

Get access to our multiple 3D Virtual Tours, Simulations and Experiments for a more practical understanding of a concept.

With over26,000 videos available on various topics, the student doesn’t have to study the whole chapter in one go; instead, they can focus on Micro learning and understand the concepts better.

Use our proprietary speech recognition technology to interact with your learning material like never before.

Play and learn with the help of our Game-Based Learning and Speech recognition Modules that interact with the child to provide them with information in a unique and creative manner.

Over 1,00,000 multiple choice questions available to students at the tip of their finger, students can practice any topic at any given time.

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