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Codex Education Benefits​

To Students

Adaptive learning which includes informative videos and interactive activities keeps students engaged at all times and turns boring learning into a fun en vironment. Weekly assignments and multiple worksheets give them all the required tools to succeed.

To Teachers

Provides a platform which will help teachers keep track of all the stu dents and provide them with tools to make learning more efficient and effective. Also, providing teachers with a detailed lesson plan tailored to their requirements and giving them more time to develop their students.

To Parents

A way for parents to keep track of their childs performance and engage with them in a new way of learning and interacting. This gives them an opportunity to be involved with ongoing growth of their childs education.

With the new digital era, students need a new platform which keeps them engaged and interested at all times. Codex Education is one of a kind 3 way platform which keeps students, teachers and parents committed to the next level of learning and education.


Our program offers the highest quality educational tools and content to the student and teacher. We have de veloped this program keeping in mind the changing landscape of education and are pushing for this move to wards digitalization of education. This program has been developed with a unique mix of interactive activities and educational videos explaining the field of study. All our data has been uploaded in cloud and accessed via a Learning management system that is easy to use. We provide our partners with a detailed teaching plan and work with each school individu ally to customize it as per their need. Also, we proved the students with weekly assignments, worksheets and exercises on every aspect of their content. We focus on an ongoing study plan that helps the students in keep ing up with their education in a fun and active manner.


In a world that places a premium on constant learning and instant results, microlearning is an obvious winnen An emerging learning trend, microlearning is a way of delivering content in small, targeted bursts, typically through phones, tablets, and computers in rich media formats. It is a learner-centric training approach that is meant to be easily accessible at any point of time, thus allowing learners to remain in control of their learning graph. Microlearning especially benefits the education industry. Some of the benefits of microlearning that can be of fered to e-learning are: Flexibility: Students today engage in multiple activities besides academics, owing to which time naturally be comes a limited resource. The digital format of microlearning ensures that learners have the freedom to take up courses at any time of the day, wherever they feel most comfortable at school, in transit, at home, etc. Retention: According to studies, small nuggets of information are easier to remember and recall whenever needed.Microlearning is structured in a certain way to expose the learners to bite-sized lessons, immediately followed by reinforcement. This format results in higher retention as compared to others. Short and crisp content: Content is the key here. A content analysis exercise is imperative to identify and un derstand the relevant content.

A learning institute’s modules need to be logical and crisp for effective microle arning to take place through bite-sized, easily digestible pieces of information. Let the module tell a story: Stories help us retain information better than drab bits of information. They can be a compelling way to highlight specific learnings, which can motivate learners to engage with the content on a deeper level to seek its applications. One such module that Codex Education created on Science incorporated the storyboarding aspect of learning. Cost-effectiveness: E-learning is, especially on a micro level, more economical than other mode. The learner has to bear no transportation costs and the service provider only bears negligible print and overhead costs, as opposed to significant costs involved in traditional learning methods.

Learning Management Systems for K-12

Codex Education brings teaching and learning to life with innovative learning technology that helps teachers adapt to new standards, blend and personalize learning, and deliver new and exciting digital learning experi- ences. With Codex Education LMS software, schools can ensure that all students have the opportunity to real ize their potential.

Key Features

Unmatched Learning for K-12

You strive to offer anywhere, anytime teaching, whether it’s flipped or 1:1. And you need a foundation for personalized, competency based learning to make data-driven decisions and move instruction forward. We’ll bring it all to you in one easy-to-use and comprehensive solution.

Educational Tools:

We have created a storehouse of comprehensive, interesting and captivating content for digital as well as print medium to meet the diverse needs of students and teachers. Our content complies with the NCF (National Curriculum Framework) guideline and caters to visual, kinesthetic and auditory learners. We provide text books and workbooks.

Study Materials:

Learners engage in the process of acquiring skills and concepts by making connections between past and present learning experiences. We provide Weekly Assignments, Multiple Worksheets and Multiple model test papers.

Other Services:

Lesson Plan – Each lesson plan is meant to provide a general outline which may include objectives, needed materials, relevant examples, step by-step procedures and many other helpful tools. Our lesson plans incorpo rate helpful PowerPoint presentation templates and much more. We provide test paper as required for class test, term exam or any examination.

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