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About Codex Education

We here at CODEX EDUCATION are one of the pioneer educational learning platform and content developers of India. The learner is the centre of our attention. We take pride in developing and publishing content and converting that content into interactive learning catering to the needs of pre-primary level to high school. 

Unlike our competition, it has been our policy that the power of continuous innovation and insatiable knowledge always steers and motivates us to evolve and transform our classrooms into a fun and creative instrument of learning. Learning is pivotal for a student’s success in academics and life.

We are the pioneers in using Artificial Intelligence in our platform as a way of increased personalization and Automation. We do not believe in restricting the child in usage and give them unlimited access to quality learning resources anytime, anywhere. We provide the most comprehensive coverage amongst all the providers in the market. We comply with all the government norms and New Education Policy (NEP) and keep evolving with the times to provide the ABSOLUTE best for the children of this country.

We say goodbye to rote learning and welcome a more global learning methodology of learning. Our founders are graduates from University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada and have studied global teaching pedagogies and have come up with this platform as a way to bring the world to our children.

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