Junior Section

Junior Section

We offer the highest quality educational tools and content to the student and teacher for Junior Section.

Middle Section

Middle Section

We have developed this program keeping in mind the changing landscape of education and are pushing for this move towards digitalization of education.

Senior Section

Senior Section

We provide the students with weekly assignments, worksheets and exercises on every aspect of their content.

About US

We here at CODEX EDUCATION are one of the pioneer educational publishers AND e-learning content developers of India. The learner is centre of our attention. We take pride in developing and publishing content and converting that content into interactive learning catering to the needs of pre-primary level to high school level based on the latest pattern provided by the CBSE. It has been our policy that the power of continuous innovation and insatiable knowledge always steers and motivates us to…

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What to Expect


Adaptive learning which includes informative videos and interactive activities keeps students engaged at all times and turns boring learning into a fun en vironment. Weekly assignments and multiple worksheets give them all the required tools to succeed.


Provides a platform which will help teachers keep track of all the students and provide them with tools to make learning more efficient and effective. Also, providing teachers with a detailed lesson plan tailored to their requirements and giving them more time to develop their students.


A way for parents to keep track of their childs performance and engage with them in a new way of learning and interacting. This gives them an opportunity to be involved with ongoing growth of their childs education.


Learners engage in the process of acquiring skills and concepts by making connections between past and present learning experiences. We provide Weekly Assignments, Multiple Worksheets and Multiple model test papers.









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