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All-ln-One Interactive White Board

p  Key Manufacturer in India.
P  Designed after Extensive research
P  Finger Touch Operations with Multi touch Capability
P  Effective Projector Display (Long Throw/ Short Throw/lJltra Short Throw)
P  Optional in Document camera For Capturing Any 3D Object or Text Book
P  Built-in Active Content (13000 Images/flash file, video etc)

About All-ln-One Integrated System

O Our all in one integrated system combines an Interactive Whiteboard with Short-Throw/Long Throw Projector that virtually eliminates shadows and glare. This system is having inbuilt Computer, Amplifier, speakers, keyboard with Mouse tap and green board. This combination delivers a precise and intuitive touch experience along with stunning

image quality and an interactive wide screen surface for teaching and learning.

Key Features

Quality of Hardware:

Most important for long time user. We have made this board with the combination of MDF and steel and having a coat ing of ceramic on steel. Due to which our board is Scratch proof, water proof, fire proof & zero maintenance.

Easy to Use:

For using this IWB you does not need any special pen. It can be operated by your finger or any pointing device. You can play any lesson with your finger on this whiteboard with ease.

Image quality:

Projector is having high level of brightness and contrast. Minimum 3000 lumens allow for use in the brightest of class room environments enabling video, data and lesson files to look crisp and bright from every position in the room.

Multi touch experience:

Multi users can work simultaneously write with their finger on whiteboard with use of interactive whiteboard software

Free Style Interaction:

The system enables two users to instantly start working together without having to switch into a separate multiuser mode.

Interactive whiteboard features:

Can annotato any kind of imago, videos, Power Point and any format of filo. Can highlight on any filo from some special angle. You can insert any kind of image, video on whiteboard software. Can record whole session with voice. Record of every session. Export any lecture to PDF, image or video format.

All in one Specifications


we use world class touch technology for our white board which can be used with finger and any other object.Touch accuracy :- 2 MM
Size of all in one System
Total Box Size    :-   108(W)*48(H)*4(D)

Board Size         :-   69(W)*48(H)*1(D)

Computer Box   :-  12(W)*48(H)*4(D)

Active Screen Area

Maximum Projection Screen Is

                         :-  108(W)*44(H)

                         :-  77 Inches Diagonal

Aspect Ration  :- 4:3

Connectivity of Board

  • USB connection to get power from computer
  •  USB 2.0 and 3.0 Port
  •  No Driver required (Plug n Play)
  •  It supports windows & Linux

Specification of Computer

  • Document camera (Optional)
  •  4GB RAM and ITB Hard-Disk 









Total Minuts