Smart Class

Intractive White Board

Made in India

Codex is a Leading Manufacturer for Interactive boards in India, we design, Develops the products according to the Indian needs. Codex Interactive board adopts the world Leading Technology. You can use your finger or any other opaque item as mouse. This high Quality High Performance & high Cost effective Interactive Board will bring the smooth and feather touch experience to Indian Education & Business field. The Combination with computer & Projector makes teaching and meetings more Interactive.

Features of I-Alfa78C

  • Latest Technology with Highly Accurate touch
  • Premium Surfaces different Uses
  • High Strength Aluminum Frame
  • Hotkey Strips of software tools
  • Multi Finger touch enable
  • Dry Erase Markers Can Be used on ceramic surface
  • High Quality, Fast Speed, Precise Calibration, easy to mount
  • Simple Software interface and multi-use features provide perfection in interaction

Technical Specifications


Country of origin India
                                                Interactive Board
Model Number I-Alfa78C I-Alfa78
Surface Low Reflection, Anti Scratch, Fire Proof,Ceramic Steel Surface Prelam Mica Surface
Technology High Accurancy Finger
Screen Size 78 Inch
Active Area 1672mm x 1130mm (LXB) / 1982mm (78 Inch) (Diagonally)
Full Dimensions 1677mm x 1220mm (LXB) / 2083mm (82 Inch) (Diagonally)
Aspect Ratio 4:3
Frame Aluminum Alloy Anodized/Powder Coated
Connection USB Port 2.0
Power Through USB ( Typical *5VDC, +4.75V +5.25V)
Current < 400mA
Touch Accuracy 2mm
Cursor Speed <=16ms (2-point-touch)
Operating Temp (-10 to +52) C
Humidity 20% To 85%
Writing Tools Gloved Finger, whiteboard pen or opaque object










Total Minuts